Thinking visually:


When I began this subject I was only semi aware of remix as an art form. Musicians, film directors and artists remix, sample, attribute and recreate works preceding them all the time. Whether the works be stolen in a quest for success, whether the works be adapted in hopes of creating something new, or whether the works be re-created in homage to the original, remix occurs in the public eye all the time. Genres have expectations and rules that come with them. We all expect a horror film to be scary and it is highly likely to take place at night time. The same storyline, the same themes are repeated over and over in the world we know, and we pay to see it. What is popular at a certain time, is usually similar in the war of content.

I was aware of conflicting opinions surrounding the subject of copyright (for me, predominately in the music industry), however I believe that I had overlooked just how deeply remix has become imbedded in the fabric of everyday life, even of our own individual personas. I dye my hair every few months a red, a newer, better version of myself which I believe expresses my personality more accurately. People remix their bodies all the time, they get vaccinations to ward off unwanted disease, they get new knees or breasts or hips, they wear glasses, shop for clothes, straighten their hair. People make themselves new every day, seeking to improve themselves. This is remix. Remix is creation.

Remix is exciting. How incredible, that the artist is able to influence the artist. That the best of one thing, may be mashed together with the best of another. That a simple minor adjustment may transform something old into something new. I’m really excited to see what more comes from this subject, to open my eye to what creative influence I take from the world around me as I become deeper aware of a world of remix.

One thought on “Thinking visually:

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