Image 1: 


tumblr_n6eesz0oO41tz7wyto1_500 copy

Today in class we played around with vector graphs. I then proceeded to turn a simple picture of Kevin Spacey into what you see above. This class was a lot of fun, I guess the highlight (apart from transforming Kevin’s face of course) of the lesson was that one thing only needs to be slightly tweaked to become something else entirely. Who owns the image? Kevin? The original photographer? or Me? (I like to think me). I like the concept of a ‘shared community’, where everybody owns everything, as well as nothing at all. Freedom to creatively explore art with no constraint.

Below is me having fun and turning Kevin into a multicoloured alien.

Image 2

Then and Now


The way in which images may be literally manipulated and re-situated around each other is done so as to demand a response from the viewer. I personally find myself responding quite passionately when confronted with any type of ‘then/now’, ‘past/present’ photograph. The ABC’s ‘Then and Now‘ photo series evokes many emotions and I am hit with conflicting responses, a kind of melancholic nostalgic fond awe.

As I hunted through old photo albums I searched for a picture of a place that I miss dearly, the place I grew up in. When I travelled to the same location a few days ago, I felt as if I had been slapped in the face as I was hit very hard with the vision of a very different kind of dwelling. The new owners have renovated the space and the house is now very strange to look at. With certain atmospheres, objects and environments, we attach memories. When these spaces change as they inevitably do, the environment to which we have attached our memories disappears, leaving us in a despair of sorts. Memories though are able to survive, and this is why I am specifically passionate about photography. The visual is so powerful. We are able to see what what once was. Re-live the past in our heads. To me this is in a way quite tragic, but also comforting. The technique of overlaying an old photograph onto the same location of today provides a contextual insight into the history surrounding us. The combined images of my childhood home makes me feel a kind of grief, a longing for a life that I miss; but I look at what once was with fondness. I feel thankful to the space for allowing me to share its presence for a time. For being a comfort.

I have come to learn that remix is simultaneously about re-shaping the world, as well as a reflection of time itself. The remix becomes the past’s tribute, early life inspiring later life.

Image Three



A little something I did really quickly, playing around with layer masks on photoshop. I am happy with the result. Something so simple turns an innocent picture into something evil. The Teletubbies shape a child’s world through exposure to the screens on their chest, where dictators may do the same thing. The screen is selective. The screen is power. I think it’s pretty self explanatory in an ironic sense.

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