Sound Mashup

I now really, truly appreciate how much effort goes into making something like this. Hopefully the next two tracks I create won’t be as difficult as this as I won’t have to familiarise myself with Audacity. Anyway. For this little mashup I experimented with religious orchestral tracks I found on looperman, mixing them with a soft charming noise and simple drum beat. I cut/copied/pasted various sections so that they repeated themselves, and moved things into different orders. I also faded the beginning of each loop in and out, even if only slightly.  I was really impressed with how they all ended up sounding together, being really picky when it comes to editing. Sticking with the religious theme, I downloaded that famous Monty Python line from ‘Life of Brian’, switching it to mp3 via an online converter, and dubbed it over the closing as a kind of ultimate climax.

Number 2:

I approached this project with no pre-consideration as to what I wanted to do. I realised I love the idea of sticking with the movie theme I started above, and I eventually decided to play with speech from the film ‘My Fair Lady’, a classic I remember watching regularly with my mother. Ironically, even though I spent much less time getting used to Audacity this time, I am less pleased with this one than I am with the first final product of ‘Messiah’. Whilst putting together all the different samples this time, I was a lot more fiddly and selective about where they went. Although it does work, I am more critical, I think I lost the flow and feeling and needed to focus less. I am still quite pleased with how I have come however! For ‘Eliza’, I sampled the speech from ‘My Fair Lady’ and amplified it quite a lot, even adding an echo. The harp, drum, and trumpet (the trumpet is slowed until unrecognisable as a trumpet and is audible more of an ambient buzzing) are sampled from Looperman, while the applause, rooster crowing, and cats meowing were downloaded from youtube and transferred to mp3. I’m having fun with these noises!

For my third remix I decided to take a different and simpler approach. After playing around with lots of looperman tracks and being very pedantic and picky about how they fit together, I decided to start anew and go back to the very basics. I selected part of an intro from an unnamed piece of music I have on my computer that I had acquired over the years and love, and copied/pasted it to repeat over and over again for about a minute (adding fades to make it sound smoother). I then dabbled for a while with a simple orchestral piece, before deciding the track would be better off without it. I sourced another piece of music I had in my Itunes (Eg anda by Sigur Ros) and slowed the speed and added it to the mix. Together they both felt quite soothing and I love how they sound. Going with a gentler sound, I also added a background of bird chirps. I changed nothing with how this track sounded, simply cutting it so that it played longer than the other two tracks. For a while I searched for some wind chimes to charm at different occasions, but I decided that I loved the simplicity of the sounds and I didn’t want to complicate it too much. In the end I settled for a simple repeated ticking. I soon realised that I was happy and I had a finished track. Making this, I realised that you don’t need to tweak too much, things naturally fit together and sound great. Being too complicated and adding too many different things together can ruin something great. I’m quite happy with the results of this remix, I will probably have a bath later and listen to it. For me, it’s soothing.

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