Video 1: 

For my first video I decided I wanted to achieve a kind of Tony Abbott parody. I am very glad to finish it, as Final Cut Pro crashed on my computer, and despite its autosave feature, I lost almost the entire project. For this remix, I decided to focus on Abbott’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policy which is quite controversial and still very relevant in time. Whilst searching around for boat footage to use, I came across ‘Lamas with Hats Episode 2′, which I was already familiar with and knew would actually be perfect. Experimenting with some dodgy editing (I am new to this kind of edit so bare with me), I was able to replace the llama who sank the boats’ head with an image of Tony Abbott wearing a swimming cap and goggles (the original image may be found here), placing recorded footage of my own mouth opening and closing on top of it so he appeared to be talking. I also placed a still image of my mouth over the image when his face appeared onscreen but not speaking. At the beginning and end I sourced some footage found on youtube to add a little bit of context. The first clip is a part of his campaign, where he ironically says that Australians “need to keep their heads above water”. I also played around with the quote “stop the boats”. The final version I felt needed a little sprucing up, so I added a free music sample I found online with a kind of uplifting, optimistic, beachy theme, working with the irony I attempted to conjure perfectly.  Although I am aware that the editing is a little bit novice, I learned some new skills and I am overall pretty happy with the complete product.

Video 2: 
War is not the Aswer

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to remix something Harry Potter, and I am extremely pleased with the result! I took footage from the scene where Voldemort rejoices to the crowd thinking Harry has died (yes, the scene with the laugh that has been remixed countless amounts of times) from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. I changed around the order of bits and pieces so that it fit Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’; the result, a new story where Voldemort comes to realise the error of his ways, preaching to the crowd “war is not the answer”. Malfoy is moved by his performance and transformed, he too, realising his bad judgement.

I think this edit is really funny, and I think it’s an absolutely perfect example of the soundtrack’s ability in completely changing the atmosphere and mood of something. I did not need to change too much at all, the song and the clip just seemed to fit together. The only things I altered were the order/repetition of small moments so that the clip told a specific story matching with the song, and as Voldemort raises his arms at the beginning, I changed the colour filter to be much warmer, fitting Voldemort’s message of ‘love’, not ‘war’.

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  1. Your piece title War is Not The Answer is comedic gold. The re-imagining of the narrative offers a new interpretation of the film. Besides it makes Voldemort look like his dancing, what’s not to like. It would be interesting to see what you would have the characters saying in the background and how that would shape your story.


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