Approaching this assignment with a completely blank mind in terms of what I want, I decided one of the simplest/most effective parts of remix that I love to see, is the effecting of movement. A few days earlier, Montaigne uploaded footage of herself dancing on her Facebook page and I remember thinking that it was perfect. My challenge towards myself was to limit my pressing of the undo button to only six presses (six being my favorite number). I decided upon this rule so that my own focused ‘nit picking’ would not overcomplicate the process. I also want this assignment to be beyond the conventional. I don’t want my result to be ‘ neat’ and ‘pretty’, I want people to be able to see that I have experimented. I also do not want to do this entire assignment in one sitting as I am in different frames of mind each day. I want to impact this work gradually, and I want it to remain ‘fresh’.

Sitting 1:

I downloaded the clip of Montaigne dancing by herself in her family’s house and immediately manually balanced the colour so that the image became more clear and resolved. I decided I wanted about a minute’s footage, so I trimmed sections at random and overlaid them, changing their opacity so that multiple clips were playing and visible at once. Once I was happy with the complexity of the layering, I changed the duration times of selected overlays, speeding some up and slowing others down. When played together, I am extremely pleased with this effect. A few overlays seemed too close together, so I also flipped and dragged a few on the screen. During this process I tried to press the play button as few times as I could. Once I was happy with the overall vibe I had created, I individually selected each clip and manipulated the colour effects quite drastically. I had no real process when it came to this, I simply dragged the dots around not paying attention to what I was doing until I was pleased. Beginning to think about the audio, for now I am happy with what the clip sounds like with no manipulation. We will see what happens next sitting!

Sitting 2:
Watching back the progress I decided that a little something was missing, so I downloaded various clips of birds in flight off YouTube and overlaid them into various areas of the work (changing colour masks and cropping to see fit). After adding a slow motion effect to only the bird clips, the fluid movement of the birds when paired with all the layers of dance seems to have a soothing, harmonizing effect, transforming the original footage all the more.


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