Final Video Assignment

For this final remix video assignment, I really wanted to delve creatively beyond the parameters of my previous assignments. Looking back I am pleased with them, however I believe them to be viewed more as ‘mashups’, all of them are recognisable. For this assignment, I wanted to really pursue my creative limits and make something extending beyond the borders of what I have done before. I want to make something unrecognisable and indistinguishable. I believe I have done this.

At the beginning of the creative process, I found very early on that I had hit a roadblock. I struggle when somebody says “you can do absolutely anything”, endless possibilities float around in my mind, and I find myself unable to grasp onto one idea. Hugh advised that if I just begin- something will form along the way. Remix is essentially just experimentation, something will work, and others will not. Often a form begins to take place once the progress has actually began. I decided to take this advice, and began playing around with the form of some smoke I filmed myself driving through on a trip last year on ‘Final Cut Pro’. Mirroring the smoke from the middle and flipping the image, I was really pleased to see the picture transformed- the patterns made from the trees and the smoke shaking with the handheld camera had a kind of mesmerising effect. I decided that this would be a good base point to begin with.

The whole process for me was quite trial and error based. If something didn’t work, I tried something different. After a while I really became inspired by the whole ‘kaleidoscope’ effect of flipping and mirroring images into unrecognisable moving patterns that dance before the eyes. All the video imagery used is my own material, a built up combination of things I have filmed over the years (particularly holiday footage). I played extensively with layering and overlapping film. I knew that I could easily just download a kaleidoscope kind of pattern to combine with my imagery from the internet, however I was really interested in the patterns my images were creating themselves, so I decided to focus on creating a kind of similar effect entirely by myself. This ainly via changing the blend to ‘colour burn’, and adjusting saturation, exposure, and colour adjustments with final cut pro’s ‘colour board’ tool. Often I would also adjust the opacity to a level that combined layers to good effect. Once I had my clips arranged in a way I was pleased with, I would detach the audio and delete it in preparation for the sound part of the project.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.09.42 PM For the audio part of my assignment, my Audacity skills were once more put to the ultimate test. I fiddled between each track for a while, adjusting tempo, pitch and speed until I was pleased with the kind of ambient chaotic sound my speakers were emitting. I worked really hard on adjusting each track to a point where they sound very different from the original, because through the chaos, I wanted the specific layer the listener is focusing on to kind of stand apart from the others. At various points during the overall audio track, the overpowering layer switches and changes to another. Overall I used three tracks, and five layers (in some cases, overlaying one layer of one track with the layer of another part of the same track). I had a lot of fun effecting each individual track- adding echoes and removing vocals. In one instance, I completely reversed a track so that it played backwards, and I was so happy with how great it sounded. Once I was happy with how the tracks were layered together, I added various fades and focused on volume. Whilst playing around with the audio I had to keep in mind the imagery, so a lot of the time I would toggle between the two programs testing the audio out as I played the visual.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.16.11 PM

Once I combined the audio and visual in Final Cut Pro, I was pretty happy with the result! I added a little more of a fade near the end to kind of balance the work, and decided it was time to export! I’m so proud of my little Macbook Pro for keeping up with all the heavy rendering (at one point she got quite hot and slow) but she only quit on me twice! Thank goodness for autosave 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.24.24 PM
Overall I feel like I have achieved my goal of creating something a little beyond the boundaries of my previous assignments, and I am really pleased and proud of this work. It was a lot of fun to create!


I am really pleased with the final product of this assignment and believe that it would survive copyright interrogation.

First of all, all imagery in the work is indeed of my own original content, sourced from video archives I have collected over the years on my own personal hard drive. Most of the footage was captured over a series of three family holidays. The only instance in which I would have been at risk of breaching copyright is a clip I used towards the end taken from a Japanese Wallpaper gig. I used the clip because I liked the effect of the overlaid flashing lights, and made sure as I merged the clip with the other, that the audio was deleted, and that Japanese Wallpaper’s figure was unrecognisable and almost not even present.

If at risk at all of breaching copyright, it would be through the audio as none of the sound used was originally my own, nor was it sourced from a free sharing space online. I will however defend the work, as I believe that I have manipulated the sound to a point  where it is virtually unrecognisable as anything other than the work I have created myself. I believe it has been adjusted to a point where it is nothing but my own creation and it has consequently evolved to a point where it is undetectable as the original content (I tested this theory myself using Shazam). Also, before uploading the assignment I showed at least five different people, all who were unable to distinguish the original audio tracks I usedIn the world, nothing is ever completely ‘new’ and ‘original’, especially not in remix culture. In remix culture, content is evolved to become ‘original’ by the artistic expression of the new creator. I believe I have adapted the sound enough to enable this newfound originality. I have taken content from three tracks, all occupying different genres and themes within music, and mixed them together, transforming not only how it sounds, but the messages within each piece. What I have created is new.

Finally, I wish to indicate that should anybody disagree with the above, I am still well within the borderlines of Australia’s Copyright Act of 1968 (2-5), as my work is fair dealing for the purpose of research or study. I completed this work as an assignment for my university subject ‘Remix’, and have no desire to use it for financial gain or value, and have utilised under 10% of the original content. The Copyright Licensing Ltd v University of Auckland supports these claims, where the High Court of New Zealand decided that the University of Aukland was wrong in charging students for copyrighted study material, breaching ‘fair dealing’ as the university was making money off of copyrighted material distributed with the purpose of study. I have evidently made this film for the only purpose of university study and have no desire to use it for financial gain, therefore I believe ‘fair dealing’ has not been breached.

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